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The Church of St. Nicholas

General view of church of St. Nicholas.

On the bank of Sukhona river where were the former trade square there is the St. Nicholas church with the bell-tower which is the monument of architecture of XVII - XIX centuries.

The new period of stone architecture of Velikij Ustjug began after the St. Nicholas church was built by merchants from other cities in the last quarter of XVII century.

This is the earliest example of stone church in which were combined two churches for summer and winter services. In previous churches the merchants used a ground floor for keeping products and goods. In this case the ground floor was widen and there was the church for winter services. The church for summer services in which had not any stoves was made in the upper floor.

After the restoration in 1986 there was opened the hall for the exhibitions of the Museum. At this time in the St. Nicholas church you can see the exposition of folk art of Ustjug region in XVII - XX centuries. There are a cloths, a embroidery, a wooden carved and painted things, a ceramics etc.

The church of St. Nicholas. A view from the river of Sukhona.
The church of St. Nicholas. Northern facade.
The church of St. Nicholas. Bell-tower.
The church of St. Nicholas. Window of northern facade.